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Mystical Enlightenment First Year

$12,100.00 $10,100.00

Premiere Education in Personal Growth and Spiritual Development


Enjoy a Year of Spiritual Enlightenment

  • 4 Weekend Training Modules
  • Access to 100’s of Hours of Classes
  • Manuals and Books for you to Enjoy

Make your dreams become a reality in a year of spiritual growth and personal development. In this amazing year program you receive access to ALL web seminar classes we have. This is 100’s of hours of material for you to watch at any time. You will have a live interactive class weekly with master teachers in magic, personal work, and spiritual development. You will be coached weekly and guided towards real success. You will be in all 4 Weekend Training Modules – Emersion learning for spiritual breakthroughs.

Syllabus and locations provided at registration.
Please feel free to email at for more information.

First Year Curriculum

  • First Weekend Gathering

Introduction to Mediumship

  • Second Weekend Gathering

Energy Spirits and Force
Spiritual Frame

  • Third Weekend Gathering

Introduction to Divination
Personal Development

  • Fourth Weekend Gathering

Developing Intuition
Accessing Higher Guidance


It is not every day a path to deepen your consciousness presents itself. Paths are found by way of dark and windy roads, usually less traveled. Sometimes it takes a torch to unveil these roads, and a guide to illuminate the way. Together we stand in the crossroads showing light from shadow, truth from falsehood and greatness from mediocrity.

If you have traveled these roads and are looking for guidance from a wise council, you are invited to share this amazing year of mystery in a mediumship coaching program.

Syllabi Sanctum

This program provides the foundational practices in spiritual work. Many cultures talk with spirit, yet here, students approach their personal guides in a manner that is distinct. To build a strong foundation for utilizing your gifts for others, we offer a strategic format for both your personal work and work to help others.

Course includes 4 weekend gatherings and access to all online lessons. This is 100’s of hours of documents and video lessons for you to have.

Learning spiritual coaching

There are Spirits all over the world, learn how to contact the most positive spirit guides.
Ancestors are important to your spiritual development, learn how ancestors can help you.
Spiritual balance promotes all the good things in life and makes life smoother, learn how this gives you what you want.
As a coach or counselor, mediumship skills support your work and will make you a powerful guide for others.


Papa Hector Salva of Salva Spiritual Supplies

Priestess Shoshana of Priestess Works LLC


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