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Awaken, Emerge, Reconnect and Experience Initiation

  • Open your psychic gifts
  • Be protected from negativity
  • Align your spiritual work with your life
  • Eliminate depression and anxiety

In this dynamic and sacred weekend you will experience the ancient tradition of initiation. This self empowering process allows you to be cleansed free of the past and opens a whole new world in energy, light and inspiration.

With no obligation you will overcome years of hardship and transcend any circumstances.

Welcome Home – Sanse is a Caribbean tradition among many. In these traditions there are distinct ways each operates. For example, all are influenced by the belief in spirits, how and when to work with the spirits will change with each tradition.

Within the Sanse tradition we consider spiritual development to be a process of developing ones gift through a very clear and practical framework. Sanse is a tradition of progression focusing on making life better, and manifesting goodness. Along with this focus comes the need to cleanse and clear negativity.

Make no mistake about it, Sanse priests and priestesses are trained and initiated in the Mysteries to an extent that most traditions do not teach their initiates to be.

Conference call – Monday at Noon Easter Standard Time is included in your monthly subscription. After subscribing, email us at, for conference call number.

Priestess Shoshana


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