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10 Passages to Will

2nd Year Weekend Training Modules Enjoy any Module in any order and go at your own pace. Learn one step at a time and download your free class today. [button link=”” size=&

Truth or Dare

What are your dreams? I am going to tell you a truth about the most secret and precious aspect of spirit work. Every day I wake up and meet the new day by the side of my spirits, in the altar room with a cup of coffee and the soft candle light dra

People make this work live

spiritual work successful and that is community. Community drives out negative doubts. Community brings together like-minded individuals to progress together. Spiritual Work requires a home to grow within, strong leaders, guides and people. Witho

Mediumship Workshop

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I seem to embrace the qualities of the weeping willow tree. The weeping willow collects energy from the sun, storing it within its roots, remaining dormant like this for most of the year. Then, out of nowhere, the tree will fling all her energy into